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Creating disruptive social change

The Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab (SEIL) serves as a needed incubator for the creation of new ideas that can advance positive social change as well as generate revenue to create new pathways for social change in St. Louis and beyond.

What is social entrepreneurship?

Learn more about the definition of social entrepreneurship and how it’s changing how nonprofits and foundations operate. View the deck

News and Updates

A conversation about Black entrepreneurship in St. Louis

Check out our conversation with Tyrean Lewis, founder of Heru Urban Farming and Garden, and Brandon Original, founder of Original Family Smokehouse.

Capital Access Research

Check out our research project in partnership with WEPOWER on access to capital for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs.

Disrupting Venture Capital with Arlan Hamilton

Impact Investing Report

Innovative Approaches to Investing with Impact in St. Louis

Founding Schools